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Los Verdaderos Cazafantasmas, which is one of two Spanish translations of The Real Ghostbusters the series. This is the Latin America translation. The name of the series was translated "Los Verdaderos Cazafantasmas" which translated to English is "The Real Ghostbusters". The shows episode titles were also translated and the show were redubbed. They did not change the text on the title cards, and instead spoke the name of the episodes. The other version in Spanish is Los Auténticos Cazafantasmas.


Egon SpenglerMartín Soto[1][1]
Ray StantzPedro D'Aguillon Jr.[1]
Jorge Roig[1]
Peter VenkmanPedro D'Aguillon Jr.[1]
Ricardo Hill[1]
Winston ZeddemoreLuis Alfonso Mendoza[1]
Janine MelnitzRocío Garcel[1]
Carlos Magaña[1]
(aka: Slimer)
Narciso Busquets[1]
Patricia Acevedo[1]

Episode GuideEdit

S ADVDEnglish TitleSpanish TitleTranslation of Spanish Title
001001Ghosts R UsLos Cazafantasmas S.A.Ghostbusters Inc.
003003Mrs. Roger's NeighborhoodLos Fantasmas de la Señora RogerThe Ghosts of Mrs. Roger
004004Slimer, Come HomePegajoso se va de casaSticky (Slimer) leaves home
005005Troll Bridge
006006The Boogieman ComethEl Espanta NiñosThe Tale Children
007007Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream
008008When Halloween Was Forever
009009Look Homeward, Ray
010010Take Two
011011Citizen GhostEl Ciudadano FantasmaThe Ghost Citizen
012012Janine's Genie
013013Xmas Marks the SpotEspecial de NavidadChristmas Special
047Bird of KildarbyEl Castillo KildarbiThe Castle Kildarbi
055Last Train to OblivionEl maquinista Del Tren fantasmaGhost Train Drivers
064A Ghost Grows in BrooklynLa Planta que Crecio en BrooklynThe Plant that Grew Up in Brooklyn
00The Devil to PayEl juego del DiabloThe Devil's Game
00No One Comes to LupusvilleGuerra entre vampiros y licantropos en el pueblo de lupusvilleWar between vampires and werewolves in the town of lupusville
00The Man Who Never Reached HomeEl hombre que nunca regreso a casaThe man who never returned home
00Dairy Farmvacaciones en la granjaVacation on the farm

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