The real ghostbusters sasong 1 2 disc

Swedish The Real Ghostbusters season 1 on DVD.

The Real Ghostbusters was broadcast in Sweden over Swedish cable channel TV3 on Thursday afternoons during the early 1990's[1]. The European DVD version of the first season have Swedish subtitles but not the Swedish dub. The episodes titles was not translated. Alternate title is Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters.


The Swedish version was translated by Per Sandborgh and Gunnar Ernblad and was recorded in Media Dubb.

CharacterVoice actor
Egon Spengler Per Sandborgh
Ray Stantz Gunnar Ernblad
Peter Venkman Hans "Hasse" Jonsson
Winston Zeddemore Peter Sjöquist
Janine Melnitz Louise Raeder
Slimer Hans Jonsson
Louis Tully Dick Eriksson[3]
Other voice actorsLinus Wahlgren, Johan Hedenberg[4]


The comics based on the show was published in 25 issues in 1988-1990.[5]


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