Not to be confused with the GhostZapper, a Kenner toy for The Real Ghostbusters line.

The Real Ghostbusters: Dodge in the Dark is a driving game made by Parker Brothers.

Back of PackageEdit

...The ghost-projector that turns any blank wall into an action-packed racetrack

Turn out the lights, switch on your ghost-projector, and fasten your seatbelt. You're in the driver's seat of Ecto-1, barrelling down a highway. But watch out, because this road's filled with haunted buildings, brick walls, and other obstacles-like creepy GHOSTBUSTERS ghosts- that lurk and loom while you drive and dodge around them.

You pick the ghosts you want and insert as many as you want on the special ghost disk. Insert the disk, slip into low or high gear, and you're OFF on a thrills-and-chills, ghostbusting ride. So join THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS team with the DODGE IN THE DARK DRIVING GAME.

Object: To rack up the highest score driving through the ghost-ridden obstacle course
Ages: 6 and up
Number of players: 1 or more
Approximate playing time: 10 minutes
Equipment: Battery-operated, hand-held plastic projection machine

  • Disk with consumer-applied ghosts
  • Requires 2 D-Cell batteries, not included. Alkaline batteries recommended for best performance.

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