Not to be confused with The Real Ghostbusters: Static Stick-Ons (By Marlenn).

The Real Ghostbusters: Static Stick-Ons are static stick-ons. They were produced by either Dakin or Carrousel Products depending on the label, however it appears to be the same company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are noted to be in production in 1986 as the copyright suggests. Standard promotional designs were used including the No-Ghost Sign, and four Slimer designs.

List of Known ReleasesEdit

  • Static Stick-On: No Ghost Sign (Dakin)
  • Static Stick-On: Happy Slimer (Carrousel Products)
    • Halloween version (Dakin)
  • Static Stick-On: Angry Slimer (Dakin)
    • Halloween version (Dakin)
  • Static Stick-On: Bloated Slimer (Dakin)
    • Halloween version (Dakin)
  • Static Stick-On Stickers Collection sheet (Carrousel Products) Includes:
    • Laughing Slimer
    • Angry Slimer
    • No Ghost Sign
    • Bloated Slimer


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