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The Real Vampyre Ghostbusters Toy Line is a rare bootleg line, which mixes by paint different classic monsters elements with recastes of Kenner's Real Ghostbusters toys. The cards the toys come on feature a noticeable "Dracula" edition The Real Ghostbusters logo on the front and back of the card. The Dracula image is a illustration for "Vampyre" from the Mighty Max toy series. Kennertoyboy has confirmed that his seller said he got his from Italy.

List of ToysEdit

Fright Feature Figure: Winston ZeddmoreEdit

It is of a recaste of Fright Feature Figure: Winston Zeddmore with a color palette being a Zombie/Vampire/Frankenstein mix. The owner of the toy, Kennertoyboy revealed it on his Pictaram account on April 29th, 2017.

Monster Figure: The Frankenstein MonsterEdit

It consists of a hybrid of classic monster figures "The Frankenstein Monster" and "The Dracula Monster". The owner of the toy at the time of it surfacing on the internet was Tsjerk Boonstra. The item surfaced on a Facebook collectors private group on February 25th, 2016.

The front side of the card suggests that the toy is in the Haunted Humans set, and that it is "X-Cop Ghost"; but below that it shows the Monster set of illustrations and the "Collect All Six Monsters". The image of The Frankenstein Monster on the front is the photo used in the promotion of the monsters on the back of him in non-active position.

The toy can be best described as the toy design of Frankenstein with a paint job that mixes some of the characters in the Monster set. His torso is the mostly like Frankenstein, though slightly darker. His legs also are like Frankenstein, though the grey pants is slightly off from the torso. His hands are painted cyan blue suggesting either the Zombie or Dracula color choice. His head has a skin of a dark blue color with red eyes.

The back of the card features a reworked "The Zombie Monster" card. The instructions title and text address/copy from the American version of the Zombie card making them incorrect. The toy's eyes don't spin. The two images of Frankenstein in the instructions taking from the promotion of the monsters on the back. The promotion section of the card was edited to remove the line that included the Ecto-1, Ecto-2, Pull Speed Ahead, Forehouse, and GhostZapper; from the American card. The card has the bar code and "NT" factory code from the Zombie card. All legal information was removed in the right bottom corner.

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All "The Frankenstein Monster" recast bootleg images and "The Real Vampyre Ghostbusters" logo image are from owner Tsjerk Boonstra. All "Fright Feature Winston Zeddmore" recast bootleg images are from collector Kennertoyboy. The two American Fright Feature Winston Zeddmore images provided by collector David Boozer of The Ghostbusters Vault (Fan Site).

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