The Real Ghostbusters "Find the Ghosts" was a promotional contest in the year 1989 to promote Kenner's Real Ghostbusters line and Ghostbusters II.


This is the third American Kenner promotion involving The Real Ghostbusters. The promotion also ties the Ghostbusters II film to the Real Ghostbusters. Locations used on the map include: Court House, Firehouse, Art Museum, Statue of Liberty, Dana's apartment, Central Park, and the Titanic. Peter and the Firehouse are based on The Real Ghostbusters and not the film. The prize Ghostbusters II Uniform/Jumpsuit was produced by Prosperity (USA), INC.


Front StickerEdit

An Official Ghostbusters II UNIFORM by finding the ghosts!

See details on back of package
Offer Expires January 31, 1990
Nutrona Blaster sold separately

Back StickerEdit

help PETER VENKMAN track down the troublesome Scoleri Brothers ghosts from the Ghostbusters II movie with your own ghost-seeking Geigameter viewer. Inside this and other specially marked packages is a special ghost-hunting map and Geigameter viewer to help you find the ghosts and win an official ghostfighting uniform as pictured here OR to play without a purchase, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
P.O. Box 5595
Stacy, MN 55079

Directions at Top of MapEdit

Peter Venkman has been separated from the other Ghostbusters. The fearsome Scoleri Brothers ghosts are causing trouble in the streets of New York. Peter needs your help to follow the Ecto-Plazm trail and find the Scoleri Brothers. They may be hiding in one of the designated locations on your map. Use your own ghost-seeking Geigameter viewer to find them. Place the red lens over each map location. If the image of the Scoleri Brothers ghosts appears, you are a winner! (See Official Rules on reverse side.)

List of Toy's that Stickers appeared onEdit


Some images were provided by David Boozer.

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