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The Real Ghostbusters
Release Date(s) 1993
Publisher Activision
System(s) Game Boy

The Real Ghostbusters game was produced by Activision for the Game Boy in 1993. This is not related to the The Real Ghostbusters arcade game released by Data East. This game has Peter Venkman solving puzzles and avoiding ghosts.

To advance to each new stage, the player had to collect stars, which would open the door to the next level. The proton gun was effective only on blocks at the character's feet, not on the ghosts (bombs were used to destroy the ghosts). If the player lost all his health (by touching damaging things like ghosts, flames, and reforming blocks), or the 999 second timer wound down to zero, the player would lose a life. After successful completion of a level, the player would be rewarded with a 4-digit password, which would enable them to start at the end of that level next time they played (the game had no save feature).


The Real Ghostbusters(USA)/Garfield Labyrinth(Europe)/Mickey Mouse IV: Mahou no Labyrinth(Japan)

This game is almost exactly the same as the game Garfield Labyrinth, except the player controls a Ghostbuster instead of Garfield.

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