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The Real Ghostbusters Advertising are made by the Network or the station. Usually for television they consisted of clips from the show. Printed advertisements were rare, but based in a synopsis of the series, and in the cause of The Halloween Door included a illustration.


Some early advertisements even used the Pilot, even though the full pilot was never shown.

List of Television AdvertisementsEdit

There were many advertisements, and some put a local spin to the ads. Not to be confused with Commercial Bumpers.

Season Description
Season 1 "Coming this Fall" 30 second advertisement. Includes clips from the Pilot.
Season 1 "Coming this Fall" 18 second advertisement. Includes clips from the Pilot.
Season 1 "Today" 10 second advertisement. Includes clips from Episodes: Janine's Genie and Citizen Ghost.
Season 3 "Today" advertisement. Includes clips from Episode: The Bogeyman Is Back.
Season 4 "Today" split 20 second advertisement featuring The Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, and a Pup Named Scooby-Doo. Includes clips from Episodes: Poultrygeist and Pigeon-Cooped.
Season 5 "Today" 10 second advertisement. Includes clips from Episode: Something's Going Around.

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Season 1Edit

30 second "Coming This Fall" Ad images from 80sCommercialVault. 18 second "Coming This Fall" and "Today" Ad images from Darian Sewell.

Season 3Edit

Ad images from Newtcoffee.

Season 4Edit

Ad images from 80sman78.

Season 5Edit

Ad images from Seanmc31076.


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