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The Real Ghostbusters Credits 2 (Seasons 4-5) and Slimer! Credits. Due to the use of the UK syndicated tapes for the making of RGB DVD box set, which splits the Slimer! show from the Real Ghostbusters, 4th season credits do not reflect the original North American airings.

Imagery in CreditsEdit

The Slimer! credits and the first half of 5th season credit re-use footage from the Slimer! show, while 4th season and second half of the 5th season credits reuse previous three seasons credits of Ghostbusters walking down street.

Slimer! Re-used FootageEdit

The listings go in order of when they are seen in credits.


The Original North American 4th season credits included both the Slimer! footage and the Real Ghostbusters Walking like season 5.

Discussion of "The Halloween Door" credits can be found here. While it was shown in season 5, it featured completely different credits that reused footage from the special itself.

Typed CreditsEdit

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Slimer! and Real Ghostbusters Season 4 (America)Edit

Season 4 (UK/DVD)Edit

Slimer! (UK/DVD)Edit

Season 5Edit

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Slimer! and Real Ghostbusters Season 4 (America)Edit

Images from Bluetailvappy video.

Season 4 (UK/DVD)Edit

Slimer! (UK/DVD)Edit

Season 5Edit

One image is from Darian M. Sewell.

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