The Real Ghostbusters Network Tie-ins were Network Identification type cards and bumpers made by the Network and did not use animation from the show. Note that not all stations aired the same clips, and some didn't use some at all.

Network IdentificationsEdit

  • ABC Kidivision Presents (Season 1)
  • ABC Logo at end of airing (Season 1)'
  • ABC Kidivision Presents (Season 3)
  • ABC Logo at end of airing (Season 4)

Network BumpersEdit

  • ABC A Twist Dance And Hat Falls "We'll Return After These Messages" (Season 1)
  • ABC A Balloon Trick "We'll Return After These Messages" (Season 1)
  • ABC A Card Trick "And Now These Messages" (Season 1)

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Network IdentificationsEdit

Season 1 Network Identification image from Darian Sewell. Season 3 images from Newtcoffee. Season 4 image from Bluetailvappy.

Network BumpersEdit

Season 1 Network Bumper images from Darian Sewell.

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