Not to be confused with The Real Ghostbusters Crispy Potato Shapes by McCain Foods.

The Real Ghostbusters Potato Snacks was made by Rowntree Snack Foods, later the company renamed to Sooner Snacks Limited.


  • Salt & Vingar flavored Potato Snacks
  • Cheese & Bacon flavored Potato Snacks
  • Teeth Tingling Tomato flavored Potato Snacks


  • During the time that they produced The Real Ghostbusters Potato Snacks, they changed company names from Rowntree Snack Foods to Sooner Snacks Limited.[1]
  • Jacobs Suchard Ltd. had owned 29% shares in Rowntree, but sold the shares to Nestle, which brought the holdings above 50%, level needed for effective control of Rowntree. Rowntree, were the makers chocolate products such as Kit-Kat, had been resisting approaches by the two Swiss companies since April 1988.[2]


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The Real Ghostbusters Potato Snacks Ad was from "Halloween Love blog posting: When Ghostbusters Ruled The World : Take A Look At These Classic British Magazine Adverts". The Real Ghostbusters Teeth Tingling Tomato Potato Snacks bag is from "Craig Spivey Creative: Home".