The Real Ghostbusters Shrinky Dinks had two different sets released, one by Colorforms (1986) and the other by Milton Bradley (1988). Both items released were based on the The Real Ghostbusters Animated Series.

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Colorform's 1986 setEdit

Create your own Real Ghostbusters collectibles. Just COLOR, CUT & BAKE. They Shrink Like Magic before your very eyes. For Ages 6 and up.

Bake 4 Magical Minutes
Adult Supervision Required During 4 Minute Baking.

Amazing Plastic Shrinks to 1/3 Original Size and becomes 9 times thicker.

It's Fun & Easy to Create Your Own Real Ghostbusters Collectibles! Just-Color-Cut-Shrink-&Assemble!!!
Bake 4 magic minutes

Set Contains:

  • 6-(8" X 10") sheets of Ready to Color Shrinkable Plastic, 7-Colored Pencils, Slide-On Bases, Stickum Pad, 1 Zipper Pull, 1 Key Chain, 2 Yarn Laces and Instruction Booklet.

Milton Bradley 1988 setEdit

Create your own GLOW-IN-THE-DARK collectible figures. Just COLOR, CUT & BAKE to make! In a 4 Magical Baking Minutes, they shrink to 1/3 their original size and become 9x thicker!

Just Color, Cut & Bake to Make!

Glow in the Dark The Real Ghostbusters Collectible Figures Kit

In Four Magical Minutes, They Bake and Shrink

Create Your Own Collectible Figures in Three Easy Steps!
Bake to Shrink
They'll Shrink in Size Right Before Your Eyes

  • 4 Minutes in an Oven -- Only 1 minute in a Toaster Oven! Not Suitable for Use in a Microwave.

Place in stands to create 10 figures.

Contents: 10 Ready-to-Make Stand-Up Figures on Two 8"x10" Shrinkable Plastic Sheets. One 5"x8" Blank Shrinkable Plastic Sheet. 4 Colored Pencils. 12 Plastic Stands. Instructions.

Characters Featured


  • Shrinky Dinks were invented by Betty Morris and Kathryn Bloomberg in 1973. They sold their first Shrinky Dinks in October 1973.[1]
  • To hold rights to the products, Betty Morris company, "K&B Innovations Inc." made specialized plastic for the products, which in turn, the companies would have nonexclusive rights to make and sell Shrinky Dinks with use of that plastic.[2]
  • In 1975, both Skyline Toys, a Division of M W Kasch Company and Colorforms had licensing contracts for Shrinky Dinks. Around 1979, Skyline Toys bowed out leaving Colorforms being the sole provider. Sometime in 1987, Colorforms ended it's licensing contract with K&B Innovations, Inc.
  • Milton Bradley took over the Shrinky Dink manufacturing and distribution in 1988.
    • Shrinky Dinks creator Betty Morris notes that under Milton Bradley the kits stopped being produced because when Parker Brothers bought Milton Bradley they drop all activity toys.[3] She also noted that she couldn't market Shrinky Dinks for three years due to them holding licensing rights
  • In 1998 Betty Morris launched a website with shop and sold Shrinky Dinks related products with her company K&B Innovations, Inc.[4]
  • After working with Alex Brands for some time K&B Innovations, Inc. became a subsidiary of Alex Brands on December 17, 2014. [5]


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