The Real Ghostbusters Water Challenge: Ghost Grabber is a handheld water game released in 1988 by Remco. It is similar to Remco's The Real Ghostbusters Water Challenge: Ectoescape toy game.

Playing InstructionsEdit

So... you aren't afraid of ghosts? Then let the spirits fly from the starting area to haunt the living. As the galant Ghostbuster you must catch them in the ghost grabber in the center of the game. Trap all of the spirits quickly or you could end up slimed!

Filling (Water) InstructionsEdit

  • 1. Hold Water Challenge Game with back of game facing up.
  • 2. Remove rubber stopper with other hand.
  • 3. Now the game must be filled with water so take the game to faucet.
  • 4. Turn faucet on to a thin stream of cool water.
  • 5. Place the game under the faucet, align the hole and stream of water, filling the game.
  • 6. Occasionally jiggle the game during filling process to release all bubbles. Few bubbles may be left trapped inside game, this is O.K.
  • 7. Now that game is filled with water, take rubber stopper and insert it back into hole to ensure it from leaking.
  • 8. Wipe game of excess water and take the challenge.


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