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The Witches (Wanda, Celine, and Bess) [1] [2] are a trio of college students manipulated by Cernunnos.


Sometime in 1997, the Witches began to dabble in the occult and successfully summoned an entity named Cernunnos. He promised them ultimate power and fame in exchange of helping him exact twisted justice on wrong doers. [3] [4] [5] While searching for a fourth believer to complete their circle, they punished two classmates at New York City College, Tina Bell and Chip Hanson. Each were dealt a Level 5 Manifestation and transmutated into a troll-like hag and tree-like hag, respectively. Their first choice for a fourth was Kylie Griffin but she refused.

After reducing party goers at the Delt House frat party, they returned to their workplace, the Starbright Coffeehouse and found the love-struck Eduardo. With little time left before the Ghostbusters found them, they tricked Eduardo into completing the circle. When Cernunnos crossed over to the physical plane, he revealed his true intent and transformed the Witches into hags to serve him. The Witches were convinced to help trap Cernunnos. They and Eduardo formed a circle around a broken Trap to simulate the device's containment vortex with the energy field that summoned Cernunnos. [6] The gamble worked and he was trapped. The Witches and the other victims were returned to normal. Bess declared they should have never trusted him in the first place and gave her phone number out to Eduardo.


  • Bess was in the same Chemistry course as Chip. [7]
  • On page nine of Ghostbusters Issue #5, Celine and Bess makes a non-canon cameo in Manhattan.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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