Times Square is a location in New York City's Manhattan. It serves as a major intersection but is famous as a hub for the Broadway theater district and entertainment in general.


Primary CanonEdit

In 1984, after the Containment Unit was shut down, the possessed Louis Tully wandered near the Embassy Theater and WienerWald Austrian Restaurant. He paused near the George M. Cohan Statue at the same time the released ghosts flew past Dana Barrett's balcony and caused an explosion.

During his second coming, Gozer manifested and marched to Times Square, again in the form of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. When the Ghostbusters defeated him, he exploded and his remains splattered all over the street below.

Secondary CanonEdit

Legion Mini SeriesEdit

In 2004, the Ghost Legion attacked several parts of New York City, including Times Square.

IDW Ongoing SeriesEdit

Before the events of the "Displaced Aggression" incident, Rachel Unglighter was present in Times Square at 6 pm for unspecified reasons. [1] A few years later, the Ghostbusters confronted the Gozerian Terror Bear in Times Square after it caused severe property damage near the Weaver Theater. It was easily defeated with a few Boson Darts but as Ray Stantz retrieved his Megatrap from Ecto-1a, he was kidnapped by Idulnas.

The New Ghostbusters were called to "something hinky" in Midtown Manhattan. They trapped something in the Duffy Square section in the northern triangle of Times Square. At 6 pm, the Grendel manifested and chased after Janine Melnitz. Just after she trapped it, the Ghostbusters appeared after accidentally blowing up one of the Draugar. On New Year's Eve, Rodefhiri stood on the roof of the Times Tower and fed on children down below in Times Square by draining their ambient mental energy and adding it to his own Psychkinetic reserves. The Ghostbusters intervened and trapped him at midnight.

Times Scare!Edit

A Tommy-gun Ghost manifested in a toy store in Times Square and emitted bursts of ectoplasm in the form of bullets. The Ghostbusters were called in and deal with the ghost. After exchanging fire, the bust moved outside where the ghost took a reporter hostage. Peter trapped the ghost and saved the reporter, but she was drenched in slime.


  • During principal photography for the first movie, there were plans to have the Ghostbuster news flash displayed in Times Square but it was cancelled due to rain. The film crew never had to time to go back and film the shot because of the tight production schedule. [2]
  • On the Regular Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #3, Times Square is marked on the map.


Primary CanonEdit


Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW Comics

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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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