Tolay's Keep [1] is a gigantic stronghold made of rock located somewhere in the Netherworld. It is heavily guarded by Tolay's Thon, rock demons, army.


When Egon Spengler was shifted to the Netherworld, he was captured and imprisoned in Tolay's Keep. Soon after, the other Ghostbusters arrived in search of him. Heironymus took them to a secret passage that led into the keep that not even Tolay knew about. [2] Eventually, they arrived in the prison and freed Egon. Tolay and his Thon army appeared. The Ghostbusters and Heironymus quickly exited the keep.


The Real Ghostbusters


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  2. Heironymus (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Egon's Ghost" (1987) (DVD ts. 16:19-16:24). Time Life Entertainment. Heironymus says: "This crack leads to the dungeons. Not even Tolay knows about it."



Primary CanonEdit

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