Tooth Fairies were apparently ghosts or ghost-like beings hired by a "Tooth Fairy Organization" to secretly retrieve children's lost baby teeth and leave small sums of money in their place.


Ghosts who were hired to be a tooth fairy were given a uniform to signify their position. At least one type of uniform consisted of a red coat with a tooth brush motif and tooth brush shaped shoulder boards. They also had a red hat, white, cane shaped magic wand, and a change purse that would exchange teeth for coins.

A tooth fairy's job is to sneak into a child's room at night and exchange the baby tooth the child left under his/her pillow for money. They were not supposed to get caught, a goal which made ghosts especially suited for that line of work. If a tooth fairy abused or was unable to fulfill his job, he may be apprehended by the Tooth Police and reprimanded or fired.


Buster the ghost was a hired as a tooth fairy but he was eventually fired for getting caught practicing unlicensed dentistry on children in their sleep. He was apprehended by the Tooth Police and stripped of his uniform.


The Real Ghostbusters


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