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Tour Guide Garrett works as at Aldridge Mansion Museum as a tour guide in the 2016 movie.


He usually spooks the tourists visiting the Mansion with his trick candle. However, one day things were different as after the tour he noticed the locks and the door knob on the door to the basement started to animate. He ran one way and found a doorknob to another door red hot, then was slammed against the wall. He then tried to throw a chair to break out a window, but instead the chair stopped mid-air, then hit him. He then ran down the stairs of the basement, before realizing it was covering up with slime. Stair broke and he was trapped in the basement with a reveal of Gertrude Aldridge. He screamed.

Later, when Erin, Abby, and Jillian arrived to investigate, he threw down the keys for them, but refused to go with them. The mansion historian Ed Mulgrave Jr. noted that Garrett had confessed to soiling himself during the encounter with Gertrude as well.



  1. EMPIRE Online "Empire Podcast: Ghostbusters Spoiler Special with Paul Feig" 12:50-12:59 7/27/16 Paul Feig says: "That was -- that was Katie Dippold. She was really hot on the idea on like having it be a tour guide giving like a tour of this haunted mansion and so we played with it from there."
  2. EMPIRE Online "Empire Podcast: Ghostbusters Spoiler Special with Paul Feig" 13:52-14:14 7/27/16 Paul Feig says: "That's pure Zach Woods. I mean he is such a genius. Such a brilliant improvisor and so every take he was coming up with different things and then just made us laugh as it's so 'back in those days' like everything was so much prejudice and weird things against the Italians and Irish in our country so it felt like a good play on this old mansion."


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