Not to be confused with The Real Ghostbusters: Dodge in the Dark (Driving Game), by Parker Brothers.

GhostZapper, a toy weapon which is part of Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line. It was the first toy weapon released in America as part of the first wave.

Toy DescriptionsEdit

Projector discs0

The top row is from the original film cartridge
(ghosts: Little Hopper Ghost, Stay Puft, Gozer, Slimer, Huge Skull-like Head, Terror Dog)
and the bottom row is from the second film cartridge
(ghosts: Ghash, Eye Visor Ghost, Bus Driver Ghost, Big Mohawk Ghost, unknown, Little Troll)

Ghost Zapper
Film Cartridge

Special Offer by mail Second Cartridge

Promotional DescriptionEdit

A unique light and sound toy that lets you enter the world of THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS!


It seems to borrow two concepts. It uses mechanics similar to the long line of Kenner's "Give-a-show" projectors as far as lighting. The second component, the discs seem to be modeled after View-masters.

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