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Ghost Spooker is an toy weapon, which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line. Based off The Real Ghostbusters animated series Ghost Trap. It is a Voice Modulator, and it would alter voices to either a High sound, or to a low sound. Later, Kenner did make a Ghost Trap that actually looked and worked like the trap in The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon.

Toy DescriptionsEdit

Ghost Spooker Voice Modulator Toy
Voice Modulator

Front of Card NotesEdit

Electronically makes your voice sound like scary ghosts!

Back of Card InstructionEdit

With the electronic Ghost Spooker your voice sounds like lots of scary ghosts!
You can make your voice sound like booming monsters or even squeaky ghosts with the controls on the microphone.
Scare your friends when you make spooky ghost noises! The Ghost Spooker looks just like the Ghost Trap on "The Real Ghostbusters" TV show!
Even adults will be surprised when they hear your scary ghost voice! Its the Ghost Spooker!

Booklet DescriptionEdit

Description from Action Toy Guide
You'll scare your friends when you make your voice sound like booming monsters or squeaky ghosts! The Ghost Spooker looks just like the Ghost Trap on "The Real Ghostbusters" TV show!


  • It uses completely different artwork for the UK release than the America version. Instead of Fright Features Peter, they used Fright Features Egon.
  • Contrary to the descriptions of the toy in advertising, it doesn't look a lot like the Ghost Trap in the the cartoon series.
    • However, the same looking design can be seen in "The Revenge of the Ghostosaurs" children's book, with a copyright of 1987. This may suggest that the Ghost Trap design was based on a pre-final design of the Ghost Trap.


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