Nutrona Blaster is an toy weapon, which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line. It is loosely based off The Real Ghostbusters animated series Particle Thrower.

Toy DescriptionsEdit

Nutrona Blaster
with Nutrona Beam (Ray)

Front of Card NotesEdit

Turn the handle to spin the "Nutrona Ray" and zap ghosts!

Back of Card InstructionEdit

Insert with a twisting motion.
Turn the handle to spin beam and zap ghost!
and roll it out into position.
Make ghosts "disappear" just like The Real Ghostbusters.

Booklet DescriptionEdit

Description from Action Toy Guide (1989)
Zap ghosts like The Real Ghostbusters! Turn the handle and the green beam spins, blasting ghosts with Nutrona rays.

Description from Action Toy Guide (1990)
(As seen in "Ghostbusters II" Movie) Turn the handle and the nutrona beam spins, blasting ghosts away.


  • Even though it is named the "Nutrona Blaster" and is suggested to be based on the Real Ghostbusters particle thrower, it doesn't have much in common with it in design.
  • The term "Nutrona Blaster" was also the name of a unreleased wave 1/2 toy weapon that was featured in the Kenner Toy Fair Catalog for 1987.
  • The ghost on the front and the ghost on the back are stock ghosts Little Hopper Ghost and Big Mouth Ghost.
  • Even though it is noted to be based on the Real Ghostbusters series of the Nutrona Blaster, it is promoted "as seen in Ghostbusters II movie".
  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters 101 #4, in panel 5, in Egon's box, the blue object is Kenner's Nutrona Blaster toy.



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