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Not to be confused with Interspatial Teleportation Unit from The Real Ghostbusters

The Transdimensional Portal [1] is a gateway created by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz as a method of transferring ghosts directly to the Netherworld if space in the Containment Unit ever ran out. [2] [3]


While testing the Transdimensional Portal in Egon's laboratory, Egon and Ray demonstrated it to Janine Melnitz, who turned out to be the Copycat. A Terror Dog attempted to lunge out of the portal but its safety field effectively kept it at bay. [4] The Copycat posed as Egon and shut the power on the portal. Ray restored it to working order. A short while later, the Copycat tricked Egon into blasting the portal. As a result, the Terror Dog crossed over. The Ghostbusters managed to force it back through the portal and ejected it.


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The Real Ghostbusters


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