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The Ghost Trap is an piece of equipment used in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Portable Versions).

Upgrades are offered to research in Egon's Lab in the Firehouse.

Red Laser Ghost TrapEdit

  • Ability: Red laser technology makes the trap more powerful and effective. Easier catches and more slime income for better busting experience.
  • Research Cost: money cost: $1000, slime cost: 75
    • Research Duration: 4 days

Blue Laser Ghost TrapEdit


Engine Tuning Blueprint

  • Ability: Even more drag power and more slime gained from every ghost trapped, thanks to the blue laser technology.
  • Research Cost: money cost: $2000, slime cost: 150
    • Research Duration: 6 days

Dual Laser Ghost TrapEdit


Engine Tuning Blueprint

  • Ability: Combines the effectiveness of both previous trap technologies. This kind of trap draws in ghosts like a vacuum cleaner, and squeezes all slime out of them.
  • Research Cost: money cost: $3000, slime cost: 225
    • Research Duration: 8 days

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