"Tri Kuppa Bro! Brothers through and through! So what if we're a mess? We always pass the test!"

- Dudley; The Old College Spirit

Tri Kuppa Bro is the name of a fraternity at a college in New York. Peter once belonged to it.


After moving into a new house on campus, Tri Kuppa Bro was framed for a series of pranks. It turned out the new house was once occupied by another fraternity. They were expelled for stealing final exam answers. The move triggered ghosts of the old frat to manifest and they began conducting pranks across campus. The Ghostbusters investigated the Tri Kuppa Bro house but chased the ghosts across the college. Eventually, they were caught.

Known OccupantsEdit



The Real Ghostbusters



Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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