The Twisto Ray [1] is an invention of Professor Dweeb that can twist up anything or anyone it blasts, essentially leaving them neutralized and easy to capture.


While the Ghostbusters were out on case involving the Squid Ghost, Slimer was alone in the Firehouse. Professor Dweeb attempted to capture him with the Twisto Ray but only ended up twisting up objects in the sleeping quarters. Slimer managed to slip behind a mirror and reflect a Twisto Ray back at Dweeb. Dweeb's uniform flew off and he flew out the window.


The Real Ghostbusters


  1. Professor Dweeb (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Not Now, Slimer!" (1991) (DVD ts. 08:17-08:19). Time Life Entertainment. Dweeb says: "Nothing can escape my Twisto Ray!"



Primary CanonEdit

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