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Uniqlo Ghostbusters Apparel line which is being created by Uniqlo that started to came out spring of 2014[1]. The line is part of the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Merchandise Wave and is made based on the first movie.

List of ApparelEdit

  • (Men) No Ghosts T-Shirt (Dark Gray)
  • (Men) Marshmallow Man T-Shirt (White)
  • (Women) "Who Ya Gonna Call?" (Dark Gray)
  • (Women) "Who Ya Gonna Call?" (Pink)

External LinksEdit

Uniqlo Official Website


  1. Preview Nigo x Uniqlo’s ‘Spring/Summer 2014′ Shirts (Photos): "We got excited when we first heard that Nigo would be designing a collection for Uniqlo’s upcoming 2014 Spring/Summer collection."


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