Unrelated Ghostbusters are media and content about Ghostbusters/Ghosthunters that is not related to our Ghostbusters' Universe. This page doesn't include Tributes, Spoofs, and References unless a canon built series based on Ghost Hunting is involved. However, direct use of the name Ghostbusters may also be listed here.

Origins of Fictional Ghostbusters Universes ConceptsEdit

This is section is to cover where the concept of Ghost Hunting came from, and where all the term Ghostbusters has been used.

  • Ghost Breakers film series- Includes: The Ghost Breakers (1914), The Ghost Breakers (1922), The Ghost Breakers (1940), and Scared Stiff (1953).

List of Unrelated Ghostbusters/GhosthuntersEdit

This section covers modern (from 1975 on) Ghost Hunting and Capture.




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