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  • Devilmanozzy

    Two major milestones to report. The first is that both Mrmichaelt and Devilmanozzy have received Ghost Corps Cadet pins along with a letter and free Classic Ecto Minis Blind Bag (by Mattel). Both letters thank staff of Ghostbusters Wiki for dedication and support of the brand. Both letters by Eric Reich (Executive to Ghost Corps).

    Second is the 5,000 article count milestone that was reached by Mrmichaelt with the article "Jean l'Ecorcheur", which he made while doing his run of edits for Ghostbusters International #5. Many thanks again to Mrmichaelt for covering the IDW series.

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Wikia has a lovely new blog to read on Community Central "Prototype for a new article layout".

    Here We Go Again... This is another major changes type of thing. It has some positives and negatives. Shall I list them?! I did so later in blog.

    Yeah. After scrolling past the "Recent wiki activity" section, the text area gains over 100 pixels horizontally, and with padding on the left and right of 240 pixels combined.

    Yeah, there is major issue. "Recent wiki activity" section is now right in the way of the bio. This reduces the area seen of the bio at the top of the screen to around 65 pixels vertically. So there be what sucks.

    Oh the thing with buttons on the left... Yeah that thing.

    The Typography is the replacing: "Contents" which is the headings…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Get to the point, read the blog "Global Navigation Update" by Rupert Giles, the Product Manager at Wikia.

    Tomorrow (December 3rd 2014), Wikia is going to change the navigation bar at this wiki (along with every other wiki) to a new bigger bar which doesn't scroll away. Does this suck... yeah. It ain't a deal breaker or anything, but it is a nice new eyesore they have added up there. The only positives seem to be a more clear search bar, and that the right side mini panel is a bit less congested (so a bit more of a advertisement can be seen). As far as how much space (pixels) we lose for viewing content... 20 pixel going down. So anyways, comments section is below... You know how to use it.

    "Update" (February 1st 2015)- seems that wikia change…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Extremely Complete

    January 24, 2013 by Devilmanozzy

    Over the course of 2 months, Ghostbusters Wiki has had a major reworking and updating of the "Extreme Ghostbusters" section.

    Pretty much this was Mrmichaelt's baby the whole way. However, in addition I added some collages and updated the Extreme Ghostbusters credits article.

    The Total number of added EGB related articles was 182, but noting that there was almost a complete overhaul of all EGB articles, that had been previously made also. The articles were mostly characters, locations, and items. All articles had screen caps as well, and while there is no clear number of images added, it must have been way over 2000. All this was done by Mrmichaelt.

    There were 202 Collages/Edits were added as well as getting all 40 episodes of EGB credits type…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    The World didn't End

    January 1, 2013 by Devilmanozzy

    Oh, the yearly recap ... Fun Fun! This is the third year I've done one of these noting the following:

    • Blog: New Year, Moving Forward We Must (Yoda) 2011
    • Blog: My Year End Round up (Louis Tully Style!) 2010

    So what all happened this year...

    • Well the Real Ghostbusters section has been redone along with the Slimer!. This was a big undertaking mostly lead and done by Mrmichaelt. Currently about 3/4s of the Extreme Ghostbusters episodes have been expanded on as well.
    • Collages have been done to 111 episodes of the 140 RGB episodes. All 33 Slimer! episodes also have been done.
    • The IDW section has been maintained to a T by Mrmichaelt.
    • Both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II have screen caps for all chapters (finished sometime early in the year).
    • Ghostbusters …

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