That is what it feels like... As for the number, I missed it.

They are releasing the new Editor either tonight at some point or tomorrow as noted here: User blog:Sarah Manley/New Editor Scheduled for Sitewide Release

Quoting the whole blog:

Over the past few months, we've been working to improve the editing experience on Wikia by redesigning the skin of the edit page. After lots of bug spotting, fixing and tweaking, we are excited to announce that it is now ready for further rollout across Wikia. 'On Wednesday, August 31, the new editor skin will be released on all wikis.

We want to offer a big thanks for all of your bug reports. During this development process your reports helped us identify lots of edge cases, especially specialized messages and unique wiki setups, browser issues (yes we so love IE), as well as other tweaks. It is important to note that this release is not the end of development on the editor, and we will continue to list the major bug fixes and tweaks on the weekly technical update as they are identified and fixed.

As we continue to develop the editor, we are still considering many other suggestions, such as further updated category module (initial improvements coming on wednesday), improved notifications, and dark wiki tweaks. Next we will be improving loading speed along with investigating a visual mode spell checker!

Thanks again for all your great feedback — and please continue to provide further suggestions (and any bug reports) below.

As for my response... I wrote this blog here.


Update: In previous comments in older blogs that had said that the editor was mandatory, However it appear that gave us one bone..... Comment by Sarah Manley @ Unknown IP "This is a sitewide change for all wikis. You can still disable visual mode in your preferences if you prefer to default to source mode. "

Which means it can be turned off. However, if you havn't been using Source editor, it may be just as hard to learn how to use it.

Update 09/08/2011: Well they are forcing us to use it as of yesterday. The Source mode is not up and they said that a "new" Source mode will be up soon. Ok, if you need to vent, use the comments section on this thread. I don't like the new editor at all. The categories thing is back to oldschool [[Category:Blog posts]] to set a category, the templates thing is a joke, preview.... not really. So I share the frustration.

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