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A Request line?!

Ok, so I'm seeking to do something a bit different. I am looking for requests. I plan on doing a few. Rules:

  • This is for either one or two characters (love gb hero and ghost combo ideas!)
  • A suggested background per image
  • With characters and backgrounds, please tell the media they are from (films,rgb,egb,GB:tvg, etc)
  • Crossovers are more than likely not going to happen (unless either I know the media well, or there are a lot of online references)
  • Prefer Ghostbuster related suggestions (Filmation Ghostbusters isn't out of the question however :cool: )

There it goes. I can't make a promise I'll do your idea, but I'll atleast look into the idea. I will more than likely do the images similar to previous images in my deviantArt page.

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