You say these are old, but the parts are being used on the New Toys... so how are the New Toys "New"?

I Guess I'm not a "Man-boy" enough to get into the new toys. Am I the only one that doesn't see the point in $20 figures that are "semi-authentic" and of the same models over and over again?! I have been sitting back in this conversation over the last 3 years, trying to reason this whole thing out, but I lost to logic. To me, the Minimates are just doing it better and for $8 you get 2 small figures, and decent detail, but do I really want any of them either?.... No. Everyone is also talking Ghost Trap now, and all I can see is "$120" for a toy?! Sorry, I don't understand this market. I can understand the market a little more if they invent new characters and concepts like Kenner did. Yes Artistic License does help.

Awe.... Fun Toy concepts here. Make something like this Matty.... "FUN TOYS".

The only thing that seems to be really alive at this point is the new monthly IDW series, which I hope will give me what most ghostbuster related stuff hasn't over the last few years "Substance". The Toy market makes me so bored cause instead of being creative they make yet another patch of tired toys that are of things from 20-30 years ago.


The only bright spot in the Ghostbusters Franchise right now

The Franchise needs to move forward and make new characters and ghosts. Come up with new concepts. IDW has the only creative output at this time. Perhaps Matty or Diamond will make toys based on new IDW series?

Sorry, I needed to rant a little.

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