I brought in the whole achievement thing to get people editing, posting, and enjoying the wiki. I hear complaints that this will encourage bad/useless edits. From where I stand, and I am a administrator here, it is fine. People need some play room and to enjoy themselves while editing. I don't want a strict wiki that bans people hourly.

Currently as I write this, we've had atleast a 4 people edit here and enjoy the system. Yes they are trying to earn the badges, but the point is, they are here and enjoying the wiki. That is something I want people to do. Enjoy this Wiki. I didn't build this wiki so it could sit dormant when I'm not editing. I want a living place that people enjoy editing at.

So for the record, I am not for banning users over useless blogs, as they are in they name. It is they right to voice themselves anyways. Freedom of Speech. I do hope that edits done on articles are done in respect to the content, and I will frown on edits that don't add to a article in a good way. Same for images and categories. If it ain't useful to the content, or no one is doing it, that is a sign not to do it either. Content and questionable edits, will receive a warning on the users talk page from me. If it continues after that, I will block the user for two weeks. While on block, the badges are not visible on that users page.

Anyways there is what I think.

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