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This is not official, only my guess.

Now the graph is only me guessing the events over the last 30 years. I think it is time Sony did something with a bit more "uff" to get the brand going again. I'm sure I'd piss off people in the forums with the idea, but a new animated series (sub-recanon) would atleast be useful. Less and less people know about ghostbusters these days, and the generation grow up now is totally in the dark. A video game is hardly going to do it, if you ask me. Sony has planned a MIB 3 to be done soon, and a gb3 or animated series is needed to relaunch the brand. No way around it. GB2 happened in 1989, do the math, add 5 years for age to watch it. How many years ago plus those 5 years was it?

=27 years!

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