We're Ready to Believe You!

Official word from Sony today: Ya Gonna Call? Sony Pictures Entertainment Brings Its Classic Film "Ghostbusters" Back to Theatres. Thank you for the heads up Chris Stewart of Proton Charging. (Link to his coverage here.)

Wow, lots to do in the next week. Ghostbusters related articles all need a tune up. I will be focusing on adding more pictures for the first film. But I need everyone to read over articles and clean anything that looks out of place. I am hoping to get another promotion from wikia. This is a team effort and I need everyone's help. If you feel a article needs a rewrite, put a {{Cleanup|details}} and state in the place of the term "details" what needs to be rewritten. Also, if you feel we lack images on a article, throw up a {{Picsneeded|details}} and like the other state what needs a image.

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