Comparing old navigation on this wiki with Community Central's new navigation (Click this link to see straight image.)

Get to the point, read the blog "Global Navigation Update" by Rupert Giles, the Product Manager at Wikia.

Tomorrow (December 3rd 2014), Wikia is going to change the navigation bar at this wiki (along with every other wiki) to a new bigger bar which doesn't scroll away. Does this suck... yeah. It ain't a deal breaker or anything, but it is a nice new eyesore they have added up there. The only positives seem to be a more clear search bar, and that the right side mini panel is a bit less congested (so a bit more of a advertisement can be seen). As far as how much space (pixels) we lose for viewing content... 20 pixel going down. So anyways, comments section is below... You know how to use it.

"Update" (February 1st 2015)- seems that wikia changed the plan and will reduce the size "17%" on the top. I honestly don't really think its enough, but then again I'd take the wiki back to a Monobook skin if I had the option too.

Oh and here is a quote from the blog that made my day:

"You provided us with a lot of pointed feedback on the nav experience and how it affected individual communities and users. While we received feedback on a variety of subjects, there was fairly universal sentiment around a couple things - the nav was too intrusive (a combination of height, fixed placement, and theming) and the notifications were more difficult to use than before."
"Given the general community sentiment around the new navigation and the fact that we didn’t see the improvements in numbers we had hoped for, it became obvious that we needed to make some changes. Our plan is to roll out these fixes in the coming weeks, and we will focus first on the most glaring issues to all users - the height and theming - before moving on to usability and minor visual improvements." -Rupert Giles

Giles notes to expect changes in the following weeks.

"Update" (February 4th 2015)- The update happened last night. The gain was 8 pixels and so with all that has been said instead of losing 20 pixels going down with the new Global Navigation, we now instead lose 12 pixels.

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