There have been recently a new user that has had a good many of they edits undone by us. Now one will want to argue he should have asked before moving a article (aka: renameing) and all the category addons which have since been removed. But where did we say that these things are wrong and not advised?

Now I know sometimes we spend too much time here holding editors and viewers hands here as is, but it is a clear problem. I feel making a page about some beginner tips and suggested, and not suggested things to do would help. Making a welcome thread in the forum would also give the hellos out of the way. Be more open.

(Edit add-on): "I agree with the sentiment. Along with my previous suggestion of posting links of the policies right on the front page," (Mrmichaelt) .....yes I meant to bring up as well that was part of the idea. I'd say move the Welcome section (currently near news on left column) to the top Right, and The social corner thing.....will either be removed or merged into community page.

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