For those that are interested. Showing the size changes coming. It Whiteish area is where the old background doesn't cover. (Full Size)

For those that havn't noticed or didn't both with the link to the blog on the lower right corner... here is the link.

If you want to see the new layout will look with present wiki skin... Click here.

This to me is a fair change. Every 2 years there is always a skin change. Like clockwork. However, this means that some pretty clear changes in design will happen, and we might as well do a new design.

I motion that the new skin should return to a more simple color palette of straight red, black and white. Logo needs to be more simple I feel like the original. Last thing, I'd to actually feature a screen cap on the right and left based on the movies. Thoughts? Share them. I don't got much time to come up with something here.

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