Well lets see. The Upload multiple photos tool is down and its being replaced by the tool called "Special:UploadWizard" (It doesn't work yet). The new uploader does work at wikia's test wiki: "mediawiki 1.19 wiki. They threw a curve ball with licences too. It turns out fairuse is no more a official answer. Tho til I can figure this out, it still has to be used. To make matters worse, this thing is so new that they havn't even updated they own help page on image licenses.

As for the general, MediaWiki Upgrades are done usually ever year or two. I feel this was very badly planned and the fact they changed it over the day before the 4th of July is mind numbing. Yes, the tables are different too, and the google maps feature is out as well. These things will work themselves out, but the next few days I stress text edits.

Slight update:

  • The Multiple Image Upload is back up and running. Link to tool works, but only gives errors when it tries to upload. "Upload multiple photos" works again.
  • I can't comment to blogs. Devs fixed it today. ^-^
  • Old xhtml is now officially not supported. (why is beyond me) So things like <center> tags are dead now. Read Wikias reasons here.
  • Confirmed that while the chatroom is usable, the cosmetics got all screwed up. Not sure how I'll be able to fix it.

July 9 2012 update:
Image Wizard is not coming. from a dev:

MediaWiki 1.19 comes with an image wizard that Wikia is not supporting. So, in effect, it does nothing to that user. We'll remove it to declutter that page. (Ohmyn0 @ wikia)

Official "Upload multiple photos" works again. its a bit off, but it works again and that is all we care about. :P

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