This blog by no means is to confirm anything, but I want to throw out thoughts on this and concerns.

I have confirmed a few things so far:

  • Franchises want to be able to post articles on there groups here.
  • Wikia wants us to expand this wiki to new heights.
  • From previous private conversations, I'm aware that I'm the only administrator willing to even work on the idea.

So I guess I should throw down what little I have in regards to this matter. Ghostbusters Wiki was never really a fan community like GBFans, and we're more about discussion on the actually media content than fan projects. Then I started doing articles on Ghostbusters related fan sites and started a Facebook page for the wiki. Since then, I have seen strong interest in the idea of articles being based on franchises. Clearly looking at us more like GBFans and GBI in some ways.

I think the only way it could happen is if strong rules and policies were put in place. Some things like a rule stating that franchise articles are not permitted to be linked to on normal Ghostbuster articles. Rules on what a Ghostbusters Fan Franchises/Groups is will be in order. But, I want to hear from some of these groups on what they think. So please comment below. Tell me what you think of the idea, and what you feel needs to be addressed. Most likely a template would be made to maintain a balance and to keep pages looking like they fit here. Image rules would have to be different. Who maintains the articles would be a matter, and I'd say a official PR/Leader to the group should be appointed to any group wanting a article here. Anyways, the floor is open.

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