What more do you want me to do to spell out "Read the introduction page?!

I have spoon fed some of these issues about as long as I can, but its frustrating when they repeatedly break a rule after trying to tell them to stop. I wrote the policies pretty good, and if you disagree there are talk pages on them for a debate on it. But ignoring policies after posting links to them on the talk page? I know Mrmichaelt is getting tired of this, and I'm tired of reasoning with it as well.

The front page has a very easy to find section called "Welcoming New Fans of Ghostbusters!" which states "If you are new to Ghostbusters, please read our simple summary of the Ghostbusters Franchise. We also encourage you to read our Introduction Page, which is to help you avoid conflict within the community here.". I guess I could say we "highly" encourage you to read it, but really the issue is they not even bothering to read the front page.

So what should I do about that?! Why is it my fault that they are not willing to read our Community Portal which every normal wiki has?! I have done what I could to avoid conflict here. I think I do way more warning, than is warranted.

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