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Screen capping GB1 and 2. The Fun of Re-Learning the Movies!


Top from 1999 version, and bottom from 2005 version.

One thing when I went on this journey back to the films was I knew there differences between versions thanks to Spook Central's Ghostbusters Home Video Image Comparison, which compares the DVD 1999, DVD 2005, and Blu-Ray versions. I own the two DVD versions, so that is what I got to work from.


Top from 1999 version, and bottom from 2005 version.

I have had much to deal with as you all can see. I am going to go with the 2005 version as the source of the majority as it is brighter which I found a positive when screen capping. However, due to issues with the "animated" stuff and it being blown out, I will likely also screen cap from the 1999 for the Gozer/Stay Puft scenes, Slimer busted in hotel, and the Zuul got Dana scene. Note that this is going to take time, as I want decent screen caps for both films and easy to see images with detail. But anyways, I thought I'd share the process I'm going through and issues I'm facing.

I am first doing screen caps for GB1's characters/equipment/locations before doing the screen caps for purely the two film pages. Also, I plan on doing the images for articles 1999 DVDs and 2005 DVDs. Same process will be repeated for GB2.

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