Ghostbusters: The Video Game: Theories on the Spiderwitch.

This game was extremely well written and further explained the science and theories behind ghosts and the interactions between this world and the other.

However, there are a few theories that invariably get brought up through clues accidentally put in the game or otherwise matched up with basic insight. 

One of the most memorable encounters in the game is the battle with the Spiderwitch, there is no tale more gruesome, or truly frightening to me than hers.

I don't know, maybe the fear that that level generated in me is due to the true isolation that the game created in an abandoned hotel on a haunted floor, maybe it's my natural aversion to Spider's and all 8 legged creatures in general. (Don't ask me, 0 to six legs and I have no problem, hell even 7 legs doesn't worry me. However, 8 or more legs and I just start getting freaked.) Maybe it's the story and hearing the echoes of her past atrocities.

In any case there is one theory that truly comes to mind, and it has to do with the webfiends. Is it an accident that these creatures seem to be transmogrified humans or at the very least humanoid spiderlike creatures. Maybe, but what if these poor screaming wretches are the spirits of the Spiderwitches victims still within her thrall. Forced to do her bidding as she laughs and revels in her web. It may be that that is what the creators had in mind. It could just be a happy accident that wasn't thought out until after the story was released. In this case it could be a retcon. In any event if that's the truth behind the webfiends it adds tragedy to the horrible tale of the Spiderwitch of the Sedgewick.

I don't know, but I'm ready to believe.

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