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  • Gekkou30

    Ok hello its been awhile since I've been here. Anyway you see my title of my blog.

    Gozer the Gozerian vs Vigo The Carpathian. Yeah who didn't see that coming? If the blog hasn't already been done the let me be the first. What do you think who would win? Post your comments below. Bye.

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  • Gekkou30

    Here's a question. Why didn't use the original storyline for the episode Knock Knock. I've read the original script for it. And I hate to say I enjoyed the original script than the final product. But I wished they stuck to the original script.

    Like the part when the door first opened. There was more than just Grinning Fireballs coming out of it. and near the end where they appeared at the door. There wasn't a giant glowing ball creating the spirits but they were already there when the door open.

    There are many other like when they entered the doorway. I can't remember what. Maybe you can tell me. But I want to know is why didn't they stick to the original script? Post comments below. Thank you.

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  • Gekkou30

    Here's some curious questions. Even if Ray did say he was a god do you think Gozer would believe him? Most likey she would ask him to prove it. Do think they might been able to convince Gozer not to destroy the world? Or would she just blast them anyway?

    Another thing were was Gozer's voice coming from when they thought they defeated her? Did she turn into that glowing cloud?

    When Gozer was resurrected in The Ghostbusters the Video Game how come she didn't appear in her female form? Since technically that's the form she chosen when she first entered our world it.

    Post your comments down below. See you understand where I'm getting at.

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