• Mrmichaelt

    For reference, here is a sales chart of Ghostbusters comics from IDW publishing. Will be updated when new data is released.

    On August 14, 2017, sales for July releases were posted. Ghostbusters 101 #5 sold 5713 units, up 295 units from 101 #4's 5418 units sold. Comichron 7/2017 sales 8/14/17

    On September 11, 2017, sales for August releases were posted. Ghostbusters 101 #6 missed the cut off and was not on that list. 300th and last place was 5621 units so at least, implicitly it did less than #5.

    On December 19, 2017, sales for November releases were posted. TMNT/Ghostbusters Vol. 2 #1 sold 12,787 units, #2 sold 11,204 units, #3 sold 10,888 units, #4 sold 10,751 units, and #5 sold 10,614 units. Comichron 11/2017 sales 12/18/17

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  • Mrmichaelt

    "Ghosts From Our Past Both Literally & Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal" by Erin Gilbert and Abby L. Yates, with Andrew Shaffer is a tie-in book to the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. Written in-universe, this is a revised edition of a book written by Erin and Abby years before they became Ghostbusters, when they just graduated from college with their bachelor's degrees, intended to render all other books in the field of parapsychology obsolete. Things didn't go so well and their friendship ended as a result of it. Fast forward a bit, after the events of "Ghostbusters," and now they've updated and re-organized with what they learned to be fact. The book will be on sale June 28.

    "Ghosts From Our Past" starts off with quotes about the b…

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  • Mrmichaelt

    The Ghostbusters Timeline

    February 23, 2011 by Mrmichaelt

    So I thought, what's crazier than making my own version of Tobin's Spirit Guide. 2 seconds later, "I know, I'll create a Timeline file!" Well, that's basically how it happened but after several months; it is complete: a Microsoft Excel xls file that contains all events in the world of the Ghostbusters. They are divided into three tabs: All Canon, Animated Canon, and Movie Canon.

    All Canon includes Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, Extreme Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and select events from the Ghostbusters International Role-Playing Game version of Tobin's Spirit Guide.

    Animated Canon includes The Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, and Extreme Ghostbusters.

    Movie Canon includes Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters I…

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  • Mrmichaelt

    I bought the Ghostbusters: Haunted Holidays TPB from Amazon for $12.14. It released a little later online than in comic shops. It was good to see some of the one-shots that came before "What in Samhain Just Happened?" and also ones I never read. I thought they were all decent 3/5 stories.

    "Tainted Love" was my least favorite, mainly because the plot dictated them create a set of one-off equipment. Peter was surprisingly good in this one. It seemed like it'd be totally Winston-centric.

    "Con-Volution" was surprisingly funny. The bits with Peter and the lawyer super-fans and the bit where Peter makes up those demon classifications were my favorites.

    "Past, Present, and Future" had a nice twist with the Ghost of Christmas Present being the culpri…

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  • Mrmichaelt

    I bought Ghostbusters: What in Samhain Just Happened a few weeks ago. The duo of Peter David and Dan Schoening were what convinced me to go buy it.

    This was the first IDW/GB comic I bought. I liked the story and all the references. I find something new each time I open the comic to read. All in all, I'd give it a 3/4 mainly because I can see the confusion/angst in having a new entity named after a much loved villain from The Real Ghostbusters. I liked that it was referenced in the title but to stretch it out as a character? I didn't buy into it as much as I should have.

    Only issues I had were logistical, I had was finding it in my area, I got the last copy at the second store I went to and the pages were a little stuck to each other.
    But mos…

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