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My Review: Ghostbusters: What in Samhain Just Happened?!

Mrmichaelt November 4, 2010 User blog:Mrmichaelt

I bought Ghostbusters: What in Samhain Just Happened a few weeks ago. The duo of Peter David and Dan Schoening were what convinced me to go buy it.

This was the first IDW/GB comic I bought. I liked the story and all the references. I find something new each time I open the comic to read. All in all, I'd give it a 3/4 mainly because I can see the confusion/angst in having a new entity named after a much loved villain from The Real Ghostbusters. I liked that it was referenced in the title but to stretch it out as a character? I didn't buy into it as much as I should have.

Only issues I had were logistical, I had was finding it in my area, I got the last copy at the second store I went to and the pages were a little stuck to each other.
But mostly the references in dialogue and art were neat to try and find. Here goes...
Page 1
-Who are you gonna call?
-DJ holding a Ghostbusters album cover
Page 4
-Business is slow (reoccurring theme from Real Ghostbusters [RBG])
-False alarms (reminded me of some RBG episode where there was a ghost in the chimney but was a cat)
Page 5
-No filming in here (nod to the episode "Egon on the Rampage"?)
Page 6
-children's parties (Ghostbusters 2 movie)
Page 8
-Janine's car has license plate "GBI ZUL" (reference to Zuul in Ghostbusters movie
-Samhaine's goblins near steps from RGB "When Halloween was Forever" and "Halloween II 1/2"
Page 9
-Man dressed as Stay Puft
-Painting of Vigo (GB II movie)
-Painting of Mrs. Faversham ("The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic")
-Right below Faversham painting is coat rack conglomerate made by The Thing to talk to the GB's
-Bird of Kildarby statue ("The Bird of Kildarby")
-The Necronomicon from "The Collect Call of Cathulhu" is on the table in the ballroom. Page 10
-Bust on table looks like Cubby from "Chicken, He Clucked"
Page 11
-Magic Spells book looks like one used by Favish in "Look Homeward, Ray"
-Another flying book is Tobin's Spirit Guide (cover was seen a few times on RGB with the T in that special font)
-Troll statue of the troll that went rogue in "Troll Bridge"
-Precious, in yellow canary form ("Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood")
Page 12
-Doorknocker looks like doorknocker on the Doomsday Door.
-Mention of the Ecto goggles then comes up pages later when Ray busts Sam Hain
Page 14
-Sam Hain a pun on Samhaine
-Poster of Dr. Bassingame in Hain's secret room (a spiritualist fraud from RGB)
-Murray the Mantis doll ("The Revenge of Murray the Mantis")
Page 15
-In article, Cynthia Crawford (reporter from RGB "Citizen Ghost") listed under picture
-In article text, the mansion is dubbed "Tobin's Mansion"
Page 16
-Behind Egon on the file is the lamp from "Janine's Genie"
-Egon looks like he's working on that computer interface of Tobin's Spirit Guide from RGB or the prototype Ecto Aroma Eliminator from "Masquerade"
Page 17
-Guests dressed as Headless Horseman, Ichabod Crane, and little witch (I think that was her) from "Headless Motorcyclist" and "Halloween II 1/2"
-Peter Venkman animated version
-Dana Barrett, post Temple of Gozer getting blown up, seated next to white ghost guy
Page 22
-Entities watching are a Terror Dog, the cactus ghost from "A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn", Tolay from "Egon's Ghost", and some Domoviye from "The Spirit of Aunt Lois"

Mrmichaelt 01:11, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

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