aka Ian Fairchild

  • I live in Becchofen, Germany
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Male
  • SonofSamhain

    I got an iPad for Christmas, and with it I got the iOS game Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast. I enjoyed it very much and would like to start an article on it since there isn't one, but I must be sure my fellow administrators are okay with it first.

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  • SonofSamhain

    During the summer, my family will be visiting some relatives in Louisiana. I will not be permanently leaving Ghostbusters Wiki and I will continue to contribute when I get the chance. I do not know when we will start our vacation, but I figured I'd better inform everyone now.

    SonofSamhain 08:46, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • SonofSamhain

    I just wanted to ask everyone here which episode of The Real Ghostbusters or Extreme Ghostbusters you thought was the best. You can list more than one episode and if you list more than one episode, they can be from both series. And yes, I also count episodes of Slimer!

    Here are the episodes I thought were the best and why.

    The Real Ghostbusters

    • When Halloween Was Forever- I really liked Samhain, he was a cool villain. I also couldn't help but remember the "Are you the Keymaster" scene from the movie when Samhain asked the Ghostbusters why they were bothering his "little ones", especially since he asked it twice(except here it was because he wasn't answered the first time and the boys in gray instead tried to blast him). His goblins were also …
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  • SonofSamhain

    I personally like everything of or pertaining to Ghostbusters(except for those phoney-baloney Filmation Ghost Busters[No offense, Devilmanozzy]). I would like to know if anyone here prefers a certain part of the franchise.


    • The movies
    • The Real Ghostbusters
    • Extreme Ghostbusters
    • Any video game
    • Any comic
    • Any or all of the above.
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  • SonofSamhain

    I have had sveral dreams where I was playing a strange EGB game. In the first dream, I was playing a PS2 Extreme Ghostbusters game that was like Ultimate Invasion except the custcenes were in GCI and the enemies were in 3D too. Garrett was also able to walk for some reason. I had another dream where I was blasting ghouls in an internet game where I was able to play as Egon, Kylie, and Eduardo. I was helping Janine, Roland and Garrett respectively when I played as them. I also had a dream where Brother Bear from the Berenstan Bear books made friends with Slimer and attempted to open the Containment Unit until I stopped him and told him the consequences of opening the Unit. Are there any GB Dreams you would like to share?

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