I just wanted to ask everyone here which episode of The Real Ghostbusters or Extreme Ghostbusters you thought was the best. You can list more than one episode and if you list more than one episode, they can be from both series. And yes, I also count episodes of Slimer!

Here are the episodes I thought were the best and why.

The Real Ghostbusters

  • When Halloween Was Forever- I really liked Samhain, he was a cool villain. I also couldn't help but remember the "Are you the Keymaster" scene from the movie when Samhain asked the Ghostbusters why they were bothering his "little ones", especially since he asked it twice(except here it was because he wasn't answered the first time and the boys in gray instead tried to blast him). His goblins were also pretty goofy.
  • The Spirit of Aunt Lois-Just who didn't laugh when the Ghostbusters threatened to unleash the Domoviye on Bassingame if he didn't repair the damages done to Ray's Aunt Lois's house? Or when one Domovoy was still on the fraud's back?
  • The Boogieman Is Back- In just too many ways, this was one of the best episodes of RGB. Boogieman plotting revenge, Egon finding a way to trap him and put him in the Containment Unit like any other ghost, everything about this episode worked. And I am actually pretty tolerant of the Junior Ghostbusters.
  • Flip Side- I really liked the Peoplebusters. Too bad there wasn't a Winston counterpart.
  • Deja Boo]- Dweeb was just pathetic. It's like he's Gargamel and Slimer is the Smurfs. Will he ever learn to just leave Slimer alone? He probably did by Extreme Ghostbusters. Also, I'm not really that annoyed by clip shows. It may just be to save budgets, but it's sometimes great to look back on a show's best moments.

Extreme Ghostbusters

  • The True Face of a Monster- The ending was the best thing about the episode, how the rabbi told his son you couldn't fight violence with violence and hate with hate, and then showing everyone repairing the damage done to their house.
  • The Ghostmakers- Mirror Demon was played by the late Glenn Shadix, also known for playing Otho in the beetlejuice movie.
  • Sonic Youth- I liked Siren's singing voice, and the cool thing was Banshee being freed from the Containment Unit. I just love it when something happens to the containment.
  • Slimer's Sacrifice- We finally get to see the inside of the Containment Unit. Would've been cool to see old foes like Samhain or Stay Puft, though.
  • Back in the Saddle, Parts 1 and 2- Great way to end the season(and unfortunately, the whole series) with having the original Ghostbusters reunite.

Now share your opinions.

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