WWOW Radio is a radio station in New York City and famous for its resident DJ, Moon Man, and his show.


After kidnapping Slimer, Spiderlegs' Henchmen demanded they release their boss Spiderlegs and signal the act by requesting "The Twist" on Moon Man's show. The Ghostbusters decided not to release Spiderlegs and tracked down Slimer with sound waves by having Moon Man play a tape the same time as the song. The tape broadcasted a specific frequency on the ultrasonic range that caused Slimer's ectoplasm to violently resonate. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore departed WWOW Radio with Ecto-2 to scout around for Slimer. Once they located Spiderlegs' Pad, they radioed the others and they left WWOW as well.

Known EmployeesEdit



The Real Ghostbusters


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