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The Warehouse [1] is a building used as storage by the Ghostbusters for their vehicles, such as the Ecto-Gyro and Marine Ecto-8.


After Peter Venkman was asked by Walter Peck to quickly deal with the John Milton, Peter called up Ray Stantz, who was at the Warehouse. Ray went through a standard pre-trip check and declared Ecto-8 was seaworthy. After about a hour, Peter arrived at the Warehouse with Kylie Griffin in tow. After suiting up, the trio left with Marine Ecto-8 and took it to the launch. In January, just after New Year's Eve, Egon Spengler and Ray took the five Traps containing Rodefhiri to the Warehouse. They placed each Trap in a crate and filled them with cement to protect against accidental release.

During ongoing repairs at the Firehouse, the Warehouse served as the Ghostbusters' temporary office. After they defeated the Sandman, the Ghostbusters gathered at the Warehouse. Ray talked about his initial observation of ivory on the Pearson's door frame when they were first put into a dream state. He cleared Egon who only suffered a cut under an eye. Ray then shared his findings on the Sandman. It was evident they didn't stop it permanently and Egon and Ray needed to conduct more research. With that, Egon fell asleep. When Janine Melnitz returned from Tokyo, she set up shop at the Warehouse. She was not happy to be stuck with stacks of unfinished and unfiled paperwork. While the Ghostbusters investigated a call from the United Nations Building, Jenny Moran paid a visit to Janine at the Warehouse. Janine informed Jenny of her plight. Jenny implored her start looking to hire more help. Janine couldn't believe her at first then hugged her.


  • On page 27 of Ghostbusters Annual 2015, the higher street sign on the far right of panel 1 is renamed Kemp Street in honor of the late Ghostbusters fan Ryan Kemp.
    • The street signs are originally Kent Street and New Dock Street which places the Warehouse in Brooklyn.
    • On panel 1, on the right, is Ryan Kemp.


IDW Comics


  1. Peter Venkman (2013). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #7" (2013) (Comic p.7). Peter says: "I know, kid. He's at the Warehouse."


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