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Weapon Action Figure Toys 5
Description of Image This is Weapon Action Figure Toys 5 as seen in the USA toy line.
Part of the Line Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line
For Promoting The Real Ghostbusters
Produced by Kenner
Features Action Figures

Weapon Action Figure Toys 5 Accessory (Part of Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line). Based off The Real Ghostbusters animated series and two of the toys are based on equipment in the series.

Toy DescriptionsEdit


Description: "Blast away ghosts one after the other. No stopping to reload. Ecto-Blaster features special loading chamber to hold four "Ecto-Plazm" bullets."


Description: "(As seen in "Ghostbusters II" Movie) Track down ghosts, shoot 'em with your stun dart, then grab 'em! Comes with a ghost readout panel, stun dart and launcher, special ghost grabbing jaws."

  • Despite being labelled "as seen in Ghostbusters II" this toy does not seem directly based on any known equipment from the film, though it could be seen as very loosely derived from the Slime Scoop.


Description: "(As seen in "Ghostbusters II" Movie) Ready! Set! Slime 'em! Wear this special backpack to get rid of bad feelings and ghostly activity in your neighbor hood. Bright pink Ecto-Plazm wand pops but for a startling surprise."

Ghost Nabber and TrapsEdit

Ghost Nabber
Description: "Ghosts can hide almost anywhere but now they're easier to capture! The end of the Ghost Nabber wand shoots out to quickly grab a cloth ghost from any hiding place. Store the ghost inside the containment unit. Comes with pneumatic Ghost Nabber wand, containment unit with adjustable shoulder strap and 3 cloth ghosts that can hide anywhere."

ECTO Headgear and RadarEdit

ECTO Headgear
Description: "New ghost tracking and catching equipment just like Egon Spengler might wear! Wear the headgear to listen for ghost noises -the revolving antenna and ghost clicker help track them down! The radar dish pretends to locate a ghost's exact location. Then-blast him with the child-safe ghost missile."



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